General Sounder Information

Things to Know About Riding Sounder

  • Where to Park - Find out everything you need to know about parking permits, regulations and park-and-ride lots that Sound Transit serves.
  • Bikes - You can also ride your bike to the train and board with it. Learn more about riding your bike and connecting with Sound Transit.
  • Schedules - In addition to the standard schedules, the Sounder also offers additional service to special events like Seahawks, Kraken, Mariners and Sounders FC games and the Races at Emerald Downs.
  • Fares and Passes
  • Using ORCA on the Sounder - Please note that Sound Transit Fare Ambassadors may issue warnings to riders who do not properly tap their ORCA (One Regional Card for All) card when riding the Sounder – be sure to tap at the beginning and end of every trip.
  • Regional Reduced Fair Permits (RRFP) - In Pierce County, you can visit any DSHS office to apply for a RRFP. 
  • Wireless Internet - The Sounder has free wireless internet access on the Sounder train cars and in the tunnel and underground stations as well. Now you can take your work with you, or take care of personal business during your commute.

Emergency Ride Home

If your employer partners with Pierce Transit and you use a smart commute option to get to work, you may be eligible for a free taxi ride home in case of an emergency.Visit Pierce Trips’ Emergency Ride Home page for more information or contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator.