How to Create a Bike Team

Residents can participate in the Bike Everywhere Challenge by riding a bike anywhere they might otherwise drive. When residents ride to the park, library, grocery store, work or any other destination and then log their trips at, they will be entered to win a number of exciting prizes (must be 18+ to log trips and win prizes).

Bike Everywhere Challenge Team Rules

  1. Teams must have 4-12 participants including one captain.
  2. Multiple teams may be formed at the same workplace or in your community.
  3. During the Bike Everywhere Challenge, participants log bicycle trips in the online calendar at
  4. Bike at least 10 trips (5 roundtrips) each to be considered for the team pizza party prize.

Team Captain Responsibilities

  1. Recruit team members from your place of employment, your building or your community.
  2. Choose a team name, something fun and splashy, or perhaps something that best describes your company, type of work or group.
  3. Follow the directions below to register your team.
  4. If riding to work, act as a liaison between team members and your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), if applicable. Report registration and results to the ETC for your workplace.
  5. Captains may decide to elicit support from their employer to encourage participation or provide incentives. Incentives could include gaining permission for “casual” dress days or a half hour late arrival on days employees ride their bike to work.
  6. Encourage teammates to log their rides for a chance to win prizes!

How to register your Bike Everywhere Challenge Team at 

  1. If you are not already logging trips, you will need to create a Trip Calendar account. Begin by clicking on New User and complete the registration form.  Already registered?  Simply Login
  2. Click on Teams on the purple bar across the top of the page.
  3. Click on Create a Team.
  4. Name your team, select the campaign "[Year] Bike Everywhere Challenge", and affiliate your team with your employer or school. Associating a team with an employer or school will allow them to view your team's trip statistics.
  5. Click the purple Save button.
  6. You are now listed as the Team Captain. Start inviting members to your team by clicking on the blue Invite a Member button. PEOPLE CAN ONLY JOIN TEAMS BY CLICKING ON THE LINK IN THE INVITATION EMAIL.
    **Sometimes the invite email goes to junk/spam or is blocked by the employer firewall - tell invitees to check their junk/spam folder**

How Do I View Team Standings?

Each Monday we will share a graphic on the Team Leaderboard page (page will go live when Bike Month begins) and social media (Facebook and Twitter) that shows the bike team standings including number of bike trips and mileage.

How Can Our Team Win, and What Do We Win?

The top three performing teams will be invited to a combined pizza party (time and location TBD). The top performing teams will be determined by the highest average number of bike rides logged per members who logged more than 10 trips during May 1-31. Logging 10 trips is the pre-qualification for any prize during Bike Month.

For example, if your bike team has 10 members but only five members logged more than 10 bike rides during May, the average will be determined by those five members.

Visit the Pierce Trips Events Calendar leading up to Bike Month for a link to a full calendar of Bike Month events to share with your team.