Kevin B.

PXL_20210911_003347604Where do you work and what is your role in the company?

Pierce County Information Technology

How far is your commute? How long does it take you each way? If you are teleworking, how long would your commute have been if you were commuting to the office?

1.4 miles

What is your commute mode and what made you decide to commute this way?

I commute with my trusty e-bike, a Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus. When my spouse and I moved from Ada, Oklahoma to Tacoma, WA, we decided to try to live with one car between the both of us, since I worked mostly from home and he has to drive into work, it left me needing a way to get around from time to time. A bonus is I can use the bike for fun and leisure too! I have made many trips down from Hilltop, around Point Defiance and back! A great workout with so many great views!

What do you enjoy about your commute (or teleworking)?

When the weather is right, I really enjoy the sun on my skin and the breeze! I also enjoy the physical activity it provides. Going back up to Hilltop is killer on the legs, but it feels great!

Do you have any interesting stories from your commute?

I often get compliments on my e-bike from folks. But I think the most interesting thing is that it allows me to go slower and see the city in which I live through a clearer perspective. I think I experience so much more of the city on a bike than when driving in a car. It brings a greater appreciation.

Do you think you save money by commuting this way?

I definitely save money! No car means no gas, no insurance, no tolls, no parking fees!

How does your company help accommodate your commute option? (ex: bike racks, free bus pass, vanpool subsidy, flexible work hours, telework incentives, etc.)

I am able to bring my e-bike inside the office when I commute, which allows me not to worry about exposure to the elements or theft.

Is there anything your company could do better to accommodate your commute option?

My commute is very short, but if the need arose a good spot to park and charge my bike in a safe location could be helpful!

What would you say to your fellow employees to inspire them to try using a commute option other than driving alone in their car?

If you're looking for a great investment in your physical health and mental wellbeing, consider getting an e-bike to commute and to enjoy! It's one of my favorite things to do and I know you'll enjoy it too!