How can I encourage employees to join the transportation program?

Incentives and subsidies are a great way to encourage employees to try alternative transportation modes. 

  • An incentive is a periodic or one-time offering, such as giveaways, monthly treats, a late start for bike riders or discounts.

  • A subsidy is provided on a regular schedule and is usually tied to the smart mode used, such as subsidizing the cost of using the bus or a vanpool, allowing employees to earn a dollar amount per day for using alternative transportation modes or allowing employees to earn time off. 

  • Another perk is assisting with carpool/vanpool ride matching and offering front-door carpool/vanpool parking.

Connecting employees to cost-effective, convenient commuting options that fit their work schedules can also encourage employees to join the transportation program. Offering work-from-home options or a compressed workweek might work for some employees, while a convenient and cost-effective vanpool or carpool may be best for others.

Education combined with incentives and subsidies can help engage employees in the CTR program and encourage them to try out alternative transportation modes.

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