What are the benefits of using the Link light rail?

Save money, travel sustainably, and conveniently get where you need to be going north to  Seattle and downtown Tacoma using the Link.

  • Extends the Sounder Train services with more stops for Seattle and Tacoma.

  • Affordable transit option — 1 Line riders pay between $2.25 and $3.50 per ride and the T Line is free for all (until they begin charging in fall 2023)!

  • Stations have bus connections to make continuing your ride easy!

  • All stations have bike parking available so you can securely lock up your bike.
    Several stations have Park-and-Ride lots nearby.

  • 1 Line connects between the Northgate station and Angle Lake station for 25 service miles.

  • T Line travels 1.6 miles between Tacoma Dome Station and Downtown Tacoma. More stops to Hilltop will be added in fall 2023. 

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3. What are the benefits of using the Link light rail?
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