How can I start a vanpool?

We’re excited you’re interested in starting a vanpool! Although each transit agency will have their own specific paperwork to complete, here are some general guidelines to get started:

  • Recruit a group of 3 to 15 riders.

  • Determine a route and schedule.

  • Agree on pick up and drop off points, or if you’ll meet at a Park and Ride lot.

  • Choose a primary driver, a backup driver and a bookkeeper to track daily ridership and miles.

  • Contact the transit agency vanpool program of your choice based on your commute area.

  • Submit documentation and wait for approval.

  • The drivers and bookkeeper will complete training offered by the transit agency.

  • Get started on your vanpool!

Your local vanpool program website has more specific information available, including contact information if you need assistance: Pierce Transit's Vanpool ProgramCommunity Transit’s Vanpool Program, Intercity Transit's Vanpool ProgramKing County Metro's Vanpool ProgramKitsap Transit's Vanpool Program 

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4. How can I start a vanpool?
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