What are the benefits of participating in a carpool program?

Whether you use a carpooling platform like RideShareOnline.com to find a rideshare group or find co-workers or neighbors to ride with, the benefits are the same:

  • Save money by splitting fuel costs, tolls, parking fees, and other vehicle maintenance.

  • Speed up your commute by using HOV lanes.

  • Contribute positively to the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road and lowering carbon emissions.

  • Have fun socializing, singing some carpool karaoke, listening to podcasts, or catching up on social media (if you’re not the driver!)

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1. What are the benefits of participating in a carpool program?
2. How do I find a carpool partner?
3. Is it recommended to carpool with someone I don't know?
4. Are there rules for a carpool?
5. Is there a cost for participating in a carpool?
6. Do I need car insurance?
7. How do carpoolers decide who drives?
8. What if one partner wants the other to go out of their way to pick up another rider?
9. What if one carpooler makes the others late for work?
10. How long is recommended for a carpool trial period?
11. What if one person decides they do not want to carpool with the other person?
12. An employee only lives two miles away from work. Can they still carpool?
13. What if I need to get home in case of an emergency?