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As a Specialist in Indian Country and Media for Pyramid Communications by trade, and a practicing sustainable commuter, AJ is a true champion of sustainability. We couldn't be more excited to highlight this rockstar and his inspiring journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you, AJ, for sharing your detailed description of your commute. Your story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that sustainable commuting is not only good for the environment but also for our mental health. Keep up the amazing work, AJ - you are truly a star commuter!

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Matthew L.

bike parking (1)Matthew's love for biking extends beyond just being a way to get to work. He sees it as a way to connect with his community and environment, and to fully immerse himself in the present moment. 

He has accomplished an incredible feat by biking to work every single day this year! This level of dedication and commitment is truly commendable, and we want to take a moment to recognize Matthew as one of our star commuters. We are grateful for his contribution towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation. Keep up the fantastic work, Matthew!

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Sara K.

metrain Opens in new windowTalk about mastering the arts of multimodal transportation! Sara starts her commute by biking to the South Tacoma Sounder, taking that to the light rail, take that to the Burke Gilman, then finishing it off by biking the rest to the office. She just makes it look too easy!

Even though this commute covers 55 miles, taking 1 hour and 45 minutes. She still prefers this over sitting in frustrating, and polluting traffic. Keep it going Sara!

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Tasheba W.Screenshot 2023-07-20 130911

This Tacoma resident has taken sustainable transportation to a whole new level, integrating public transportation and biking in her daily commute. She effortlessly incorporates bus rides and biking for a quick escape from traffic. Catching up on emails, or simply enjoying the ride. Talk about multitasking at its finest!

Beyond the joy of bike riding and riding the bus, Tasheba is also a role model in positively impacting the environment. By opting for eco-friendly transportation alternatives, they also greatly reduce their carbon footprint while inspiring others to follow suit. Additionally, Tasheba logs her commute trips to get the chance to win prizes and receive other financial work benefits!

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Ashley M. Ashley M Commuter Profile

We've got a commuter rockstar over here! As a registered nurse, who travels about 15 miles to work every day, approximately taking 15-30 minutes at a time. Ashley formed a carpool group with their coworkers that live in the same area to save money from toll fees. Their favorite parts of being part of a carpool is that they get to new music and podcasts that they wouldn't otherwise. Way to go Ashley!

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Jasleen K.

Jasleen CommuteAs a student at UW-Tacoma, Jasleen has a U-PASS which provides her with unlimited rides on regional buses, commuter trains, light rail and water taxis as well as full fare coverage on vanpools. At $45 a quarter, it's easy to see why she and many others take transit for school, work and personal trips.

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Shelbi V.

Shelbi V. bikeShelbi cracked the code to a stellar commute. She rides her bike less than 5 miles to work, takes side streets for a calmer, prettier route, and takes in the scenery of Wright Park in Tacoma. With Bike Month around the corner, we encourage you to try out her methods!

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Rebekah H.

MercyRebekah has not one, but two sustainable commutes! She works from home two days a week, and carpools to work the other days. Who likes this commute more, Rebekah, or her dog Mercy?

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Ray S.

20221005_085428 Vanpool-Ray Main driverRay works for the City of DuPont and has been vanpooling for the last few months. He is able to adjust his work schedule, socialize with coworkers, and save hundreds a month.

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Megan works from home three days a week and saves more than just time and gas by not commuting!

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Naomi W.

Naomi W.Naomi's 5-mile bike commute re-charges her in many ways. Did you know, 5-10 miles is an optimal bike commute distance for an average cyclist? Hopefully, Naomi's profile will inspire you to commute by bike in 2023!

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