How to get around Pierce County by public transit

Leave the driving to a professional and arrive at work relaxed! Taking the bus allows you to put your commute time to use: check emails, read the newspaper, make your grocery list or even get some sleep!

Here are some resources to get you rolling.


Bus Main Page - LearnLearn how to ride the bus for the first time and why it matters for both your wallet and the planet:

  • First Time Users Guide: If this is your first time riding the bus, you’ll learn the basics here and get valuable tips and tricks to make the ride an enjoyable experience. 
  • Bus Riding Benefits: From saving money and time to reducing your carbon footprint, find out why thousands of transit riders choose this sustainable mode of transportation every day.
  • Getting Started: The hardest part is starting. We have some tips and tricks to help you take the first steps to riding more sustainably!


Riding the bus is ALL about making connections from one stop to another. But it’s also one of the most social and community-oriented ways to get around. 

Here are some connections you can make while riding the bus:

Bus Main Page - Connect

  • Get Bus Route Updates: Enter your phone number and get route updates, rider alerts, and PT Runner news sent directly to your phone.  
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  • Follow Ride Together Pierce: Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter where you can engage with fellow riders and be inspired by stories of biking adventures and sustainable commuting.
  • Access Nearby Attractions: Want to explore a park or museum by bus? Get all the resources and tips needed to have a memorable visit. 
  • See Your Puget Sound Transit ProvidersPierce Transit is one of many transit providers in the Puget Sound. There are several more that may be a great fit for your area and transportation needs.


Get going by bus with these resourceful pages:

Bus Main Page - Go


“I enjoy the fact that riding the bus means I don't have to worry about all the stuff I would when driving. Instead of focusing on the road I can focus on preparing for my day.” — Kelsie O.