12th Annual Pierce County Bike Swap

Thank You for a Great Bike Swap

Thank you to everyone who made the 12th Annual Bike Swap a success. Hundreds of people came to the Swap on May 6 to buy and sell bikes for themselves or their loved ones, engage with the Map Masters to find good bike routes, test their ridings skills at the Bike Rodeo, and engage with vendors including a bicycling balloon artist (using biodegradable balloons!). There were plenty of smiling faces. 

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Pierce Trips is always looking for ways to improve. If you have any feedback to share about the event, please fill out the Contact Us form.

Pierce Trips is excited to be hosting the 12th Annual Bike Swap on Saturday, May 6 at the University of Puget Sound. 

The Pierce County Bike Swap will bring the bicycling community together to buy, sell bikes and bike parts, teach young ones how to ride, discuss best cycling routes, and much more.

bike swap

The 12th Annual Pierce County Bike Swap is a FREE family-friendly community event put on by Pierce Trips in partnership with the City of Tacoma and Downtown on The Go, where anyone can sell or buy used bicycles and bicycle parts. We encourage you to bring a helmet if you plan on test-riding bikes.

The Bike Swap will be held on Saturday, May 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the University of Puget Sound, Thompson Hall parking lot on N. Union Avenue and N 14th Street.

At the Bike Swap, Pierce Trips is planning on providing:

  • BIKE CORRAL: Buy a bike or sell a bike at our Bike Corral. If you have 1-2 bikes to sell, this is the recommended route. There are no listing or selling fees. You do not need to sell a bike to buy, or trade. Come find your new-to-you ride!
  • LOW-COST HELMETS: Provided by Downtown on the Go, bicyclists can purchase affordable helmets and get a proper helmet fitting.
  • BIKE MAP MASTERS: Discuss best biking routes with seasoned local riders at the Bike Map Masters station.
  • KIDS RIDING AREA: Youth can practice safe riding skills such as balancing, scanning, stopping, turning, and more.
  • VENDORS: We will be inviting local bike shops and bike-related organizations to show off their products and share the latest information with you on bicycling in Pierce County. If you have several bicycles or bike parts to sell, we recommend you register as a vendor. There are no vendor fees.

...and more!

How to Get There

We encourage attendees to arrive by bike, on foot, by bus or carpool. 

Get Google Maps directions here.

  • There are sidewalks leading to the site on N Union Ave and on campus. The site is wheelchair accessible.
  • There are bike lanes on N Union Avenue, leading to the site. 
  • Pierce Transit Route 11 has bus stops near the site.
  • Drivers can park on the southern half of the event parking lot.

Bicycle Benefits

Bicycle Benefits LogoWe are looking to expand our Bicycle Benefits network! Attendees who arrive with a helmet can receive a Bicycle Benefits sticker, which will give them access to discounts at local businesses across Pierce County. Learn more here.


Bicycle Selling and Buying

  1. Do I need to register for the event? 
    1. If you have 1–2 bikes (or a few helmets and gloves) to sell, we recommend utilizing the bike corrals. You do not need to register.
    2. If you have more than 2 bikes to sell or a lot of bike parts/bike gear, we encourage you to sign up as a vendor.
  2. How many bikes or parts can I sell? You can sell as many bikes/parts/gear as you like. Again, if you have more than 2 bikes, please sign up as a vendor and sell your items at a booth. Vendor registration is free and each space (10 x 17 foot, the size of one parking stall) comes with a 6-foot table and two chairs.
  3. How does selling work? Simply show up with your bikes or bike parts day-of.

    1. For bikes in the bike corrals: Sellers can arrive at any time with their bike(s) and go to the registration booth near the bike corrals. They will place a tag on their bike that includes their contact information. Please bring your own bicycle lock to secure the bike or parts to the corral. We ask sellers to remain onsite as long as they are selling their bike. Sellers are asked to collect any unsold items by the end of the event at 2:00 p.m.
    2. For bikes/bike parts at the vendors: Please make sure you have received confirmation from the Pierce Trips team to participate in the Bike Swap. On the day of, vendors must arrive on site between 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. and prepare their stall with the bike items they are selling. Vendors decide on how to price items and make the final sales. Event break down starts at 2:00 p.m.
  4. How does buying work?
    There is no admission fee, simply show up and start shopping! For bikes on the corral, interested buyers can use the information listed on the bike tags to contact the seller to ask questions and test ride. For bike vendors, simply approach the seller at the booth. If you intend to test ride a bicycle, we highly encourage you to bring and wear your helmet.

    Pierce Trips is planning on hosting a Bike Inspection Station for buyers to have the bike's general condition checked prior to buying.  

    To make a purchase, the buyer and seller may agree to any payment method, such as apps (Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, etc.), checks or cash. ATMs are available on campus.

    If you buy a bicycle, please register it (or ask the previous owner to transfer ownership to you) in BikeIndex.org. Bike Index is a nonprofit online bike registry where anyone can register their bicycle for free. Bike Index has helped recover many lost or stolen bicycles nationwide.
    Bike Index logo

  5. How do I price my bike or parts? You can use this guide to help determine the value of your bike. 

  6. Can I donate my bike/parts at the end of the event? Yes! Please donate unsold bikes and bike parts to Bikes 4 Kids or 2nd Cycle, both vendors will be participating at the event and can accept a limited number of donations on the spot.

Vendor Participation

  1. Who can be a vendor at the Bike Swap? Any individual or organization can participate as a vendor for the Bike Swap, so long as they:
    1. sell bicycles
    2. sell bike-related products
    3. promote bicycles or bike-related products
    4. promote bike-related programs
  2. Who cannot be a vendor at the Bike Swap? Our event is aimed at serving the cycling community in Pierce County, and as such we reserve the right to ask for clarification as to how you meet our participation policy. In order to avoid partiality or misuse of public resources, religious and political organizations are not permitted at the Bike Swap.

Bike Swap Graphics

  1. Are there graphics or links I can share with others? Yes! Please share this page (PierceTrips.com/BikeSwap) with folks who may be interested in visiting or becoming a vendor. 

Do you have another question? Contact us