Jasleen K.

Jasleen CommuteWhere do you work and what is your role in the company?

I am a student at University of Washington - Tacoma.

How far is your commute? How long does it take you each way? If you are teleworking, how long would your commute have been if you were commuting to the office?

I either commute back and forth between Kent & Tacoma or Tacoma & Tacoma. Kent takes 1 hour usually and Tacoma (to campus from my home) takes 20 minutes.

What is your commute mode and what made you decide to commute this way?

Bus, T Line and the Sounder train. 

What do you enjoy about your commute (or teleworking)?

Convenience and covered in tuition.

Do you think you save money by commuting this way?

Yes, I definitely save money, especially compared to buying a car. It is much cheaper to ride public transportation than to buy a car and pay for its insurance. 

How does your company help accommodate your commute option? (ex: bike racks, free bus pass, vanpool subsidy, flexible work hours, telework incentives, etc.)

University of Washington - Tacoma (and the other campuses as well) provides students a U-PASS which costs $45 each quarter and that covers most public transportation fares. 

Is there anything your company could do better to accommodate your commute option?

No, I think they are doing a good job. 

Learn more about sustainable transportation options at UW-Tacoma here.

What would you say to your fellow employees to inspire them to try using a commute option other than driving alone in their car?

It is much cheaper to use public transportation, especially with the high cost of insurance and gas for a car, and it is more friendly to the environment to share a ride with others.