Sara K.

metrainWhere do you work and what is your role in the company?

Communications and Marketing Director at Cascade Bicycle Club.

How far is your commute? How long does it take you each way? If you are teleworking, how long would your commute have been if you were commuting to the office?

55 Miles! 1 hour 45 minutes via multimodal modes. Bike > Train > Train > Bike.

What is your commute mode and what made you decide to commute this way?

I prefer taking the Sounder into work, even though it is very hard to get up at 5:30 a.m. to catch the 6:50 a.m. train (South Tacoma needs more trains!) I bike to the South Tacoma Sounder, take it to the Light Rail, take that to the Burke Gilman, and bike to the office. 

What do you enjoy about your commute (or teleworking)?

I am not stuck staring at brake lights in frustrating, pollution traffic, I get to read or do homework on the train, and I also get some exercise.

Do you have any interesting stories from your commute?

I really enjoyed when the South Tacoma Sounder was open on a Saturday last year and I could take it from South Tacoma to Seattle to see friends. I met a nice family and their kids on that route and talked about our favorite sports teams.

Do you think you save money by commuting this way?

Absolutely. It's $50 to fill my car, and it takes a quarter of a tank of gas to go to and from Seattle -- about $15. That's way more than the cost of a Sounder train and transfer, not to mention the cost of car insurance and repairs versus bike repairs. 

How does your company help accommodate your commute option? (ex: bike racks, free bus pass, vanpool subsidy, flexible work hours, telework incentives, etc.)

Cascade has bike racks in the office (of course!), offers flexible hours, and telework opportunities.

What would you say to your fellow employees to inspire them to try using a commute option other than driving alone in their car?

Most of my colleagues also bike :) They think I am crazy for taking the train to bike all the way from Tacoma, but it is so much better than driving. There was one Friday that I drove, and it took me 2.5 hours to get home. I said never again!