Lost or Stolen Bicycles

Recover your bicycle and prevent future theft

To report a lost or stolen bicycle in the City of Tacoma or Pierce County, you can call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 253-798-4721. Provide the operator with as much information as possible, including the item's make, model, serial number or owner applied number. If you live outside the City of Tacoma, find out if you also need to file a report with your local police department.

Lost or Stolen Bicycles
Lost or Stolen Bicycles - LOGGING THEFT ONLINE


As soon as you get a new bike, you can proactively register it on the Bike Index quickly and for free. Then if a theft happens, you can report it as stolen through the website to alert the local bike community to keep a lookout for it. Bike Index has the highest stolen bicycle recovery rate of bike registration services.

While this is not a substitute for reporting thefts to the local authorities, it does warn other area cyclists and helps the local bike community see patterns and collect data.


Lost and stolen property recovered by the Tacoma Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is stored at the Pierce County Property Room. Their website has details on how to make an appointment, how long property is held, and what happens to property if the owner cannot be found.


With a little planning, you can help increase the chances that you will be reunited with your bicycle in case it is stolen.

Write down your bicycle’s serial number. The University of Texas has tips on how to find your serial number. If your bike doesn’t have a serial number, consider engraving an identifying mark into the frame (your favorite animal, a set of numbers or letters, or your name).

Write down a detailed description of your bicycle. Remember that lights and accessories can be removed, so also include descriptions of the frame.

Take a picture of you with your bicycle.


When a beloved bike is stolen it can be devastating, so preventing such heartbreak should be a top priority.  Buy a good lock and properly secure your bicycle when you leave it unattended. See the Bicycle Parking page for more information.