ETC Kudos

Quarterly ETC Recognition Program

ETC Kudos logoEmployee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) are the cornerstone of any transportation program. ETC Kudos aims to recognize ETC excellence in workplace engagement, strategies and performance toward increasing the non-drive alone commute rate. Pierce Trips reviews Quarterly Reports and rewards ETCs who have excelled in their position with recognition and a small gift. Take a look at our current and past designees:

2023 - 1st Quarter

Diane B. and Shannon C.City of Gig HarborPromoted carpooling and commute options at their Chile, Chowder and Cornbread cook-off.
Diane R. and Cathy H.JBLMPrepared a popular Instagram video, tabled at 3 events and presented to Leadership.
Cassandra L. and Nolan R.WA National GuardRaffle for CTR participants.